Welcome to Natural Co-Creators

This is a place for us to Co-Create together with blogs about our wonderful radio show plus the Mindfulness and Meditation Daily news which contains all the latest articles and daily tips about this fast emerging way of living.

If you’d like to take part in the Natural Co-Creators Show please get in touch via the site or facebook. I will be interviewing authors fortnightly and fellow co-creators such as artists, musicians, photographers and therapists on Monday evenings.

I look forward to hearing your fabulous ideas and plans for the future.


“Jennifer Lynch is a fantastic interviewer with keen insight and great rapport. I felt very comfortable during the interview and was able to come up with new ideas about my own work that excited me. From our discussion together I saw new possibilities about how to put my work out in the world with new and different ways. I highly recommend her and her interview skills and show”
Sandy Levey-Lunden – Internationally Acclaimed Workshop Leader, Creator of the Clearing Process.

I’d like to share my experience with you about an interview with Jennifer last year as I was promoting my book. Jennifer has a wonderful way of conducting her interviews. I found she was very well informed about matters of spirituality and had great insight in her questions. I particularly enjoyed her conversational style of interviewing me and I learned so much from her whilst also sharing my journey about my new book. If you want to get the word out about something you would like to share then connect with Jennifer.
Esther Austin – Esther Austin Global – Author of Wounded Lives Wounded Healers.

When I was at school they talked about careers such as doctor, policeman, school-teacher, builder – but gave no hints about what to do if your creativity led you in an unconventional direction. Yet many of us have veered off the conventional career path to do interesting jobs which you never see in employment centres.
Creative dance, Healing, Sound Workshops, cosmetic acupuncture, holistic psychotherapy. These are off the everyday map. It’s so great that Jenny is championing this other way of life and the people who have stepped off the treadmill to develop something original. YAY!
Stefan Freedman – Stefan and Bethan Freedman, international teachers and choreographers