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My Interview with Lee David Carter

Living with Lisa


Hello Co-Creators

It is a great honour to be interviewing Lee David Carter, on the Natural Co-Creators who is an author, teacher, presenter, healer, counsellor, actor and generally a very spiritual soul!

Essex actor Lee who is now 49, started his life as Lisa and has courageously written a book about his experiences not only with his gender re-assignment surgery but also about the help he received from the angels. Lee wrote this book because he was told that it was part of his path to share his difficult journey which I am sure will inspire many others on a similar path.

I am fascinated by this because the transition from Lisa to Lee must have been very challenging and as an adopted person I have also had issues with identity, so I’d love to hear from Lee about how he dealt with becoming the man he truely is and and how he feels now he’s through the transition into wholeness.

I believe that the angels support us to make the changes we need to in our lives and as I haven’t read the book – I’d also love Lee to share with us how the angels communicated their messages to him and how young he was when he first encountered them.

For more about Lee’s story please watch the following you tube:-


Living with Lisa:-